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Ok Chipperpudlians, Now Hear This

28th of March 2005

Since I fooled with my Sunday afternoon contributions to this site back in June of last year, and finding it pleasurable, I got to thinking I would accept the challenge of a brand new way of expressing myself. It’s called “blogging”, and it’s only available on the Internet. A new way of organizing one’s thoughts, a journal, and it’s free.

And so, forgive me for bringing this up, but this is the real me, a Brit living a lifetime in the “enemy camp”, Hollywood, California, USA, and all that that means.

Pull up (“Showbiz meets the Law”)

You are welcome to read this like a sort-of book, or a “letter from America”, but not to skim it, or you’ll get the wrong impression. Do me the honor of giving it your full attention, and if you can’t do that, pass me by.

The “prose” has not the Shakespearean meaning, but rather the more mundane meaning over here of “pro se”, the Latin term meaning “for yourself”, describing a person trying to represent themselves before the so-called justices of the American legal system. I guess you face similar problems back there.

You may not like this, I warn you it is controversial, and also very personal, and I take potshot aim at much that goes on today that I find reprehensible. It is not a “feel-good” site, like a local newpaper wants to be, and is aimed at a California audience. But there are references to the Chipperfield of old, and the England I remember, and there will be more.

If you get hooked, then for old time’s sake, pass it along.

Bless you, and continue to savor the values of a quiet English country life, and keep my fantasy going, and the fantasy of thousands of similarly placed British expatriates around the world.

Oh, and a Happy Easter to everyone.

John Clark

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stanleys store

i would beg you to write a book…your memories make beautiful reading

April 25, 2005

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