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The Language Of Worship

2nd of February 2005

The Book of Common Prayer is alive and well having survived the vicissitudes of 455 years existence, and of much tinkering with the Anglican liturgy in recent times. The Prayer Book Society exists to promote the continued use of this timeless liturgy. It is acknowledged that there is a need for some church services to be in the modern idiom but the Society is aware that there are many people who feel that the everyday language of the supermarket and football ground is inappropriate, inadequate and too mundane for use in the worship of God. If you are an Anglican and agree with the views of the Society, then you could support the aims of the Society by becoming a member. The St Albans Branch covers the same area as the Diocese. The Hon Secretary, Miss C.P. Cawood can be reached by telephone (01923 824217) or the local representative via email at Should you wish to find churches offering BCP services, these can be found on the Society’s website at or a list of local churches can be obtained from the Secretary.

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