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Church Of Our Lady

2nd of February 2005

News from Nambaya and Chingulungulu
Work continues apace to complete the Mother and Baby Clinic dedicated to the memory of Fr. Des’ brother Michael at Nambaya, Tanzania. The roof is now on, the ceilings are plastered, the windows are on site and ready for fitting. The final plastering of the interior walls and other minor works have to follow. These should be completed in January, and the clinic will then be ready for business. The Clinic will be run by African Benedictine Sisters, who will employ the Nurse Midwife and others as needed. Two delivery beds are provided by the Government, who also supply a gas fridge for storage of vaccines -which they also supply. Chipperfield funds already donated will provide the extra beds and other equipment required to set up the Clinic, and we will continue to contribute to a substantial part of the running costs, including the regular supply of medicines. Our next large project will be the installation of two 5000 litre rainwater storage tanks to augment the water supply

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