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Unusual People Wanted!

2nd of December 2004

It’s unusual to invite a stranger from another country to your home for a day or a weekend, or to share your Christmas festivities with, say, a Chinese person who may not know what Christmas is. It’s not usual to answer lots of questions about British customs, while showing a guest around your locality, nor to be given insights into other parts of the world while teaching, say, an Indian person to make mince pies. It’s pretty rare to contribute to international goodwill and understanding just by opening up your home to an adult international student on a short break from studies at a UK college. If you are unusual enough to be interested in this idea, HOST would love to hear from you. HOST is a national organisation, backed by the British Council and many universities, which matches students with volunteer hosts for very short visits. Please see , or call our volunteer regional organiser Trina Golland on 01707 642091 or (Not available between 20th November and 13th December. Please phone Head Office 020 7245 3039)

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