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Vandalism At The Youth Club

2nd of July 2004

On the evening of Wednesday 26 May the Youth Club was severely vandalised. Windows were broken, graffiti written on walls, doors and windows and, most serious of all, the roof to the storeroom was smashed to gain entry and steal items belonging to the Playgroup. The police were called and attended the scene but could not touch anything as they suspected that the roof was made from asbestos and dust particles were covering everything inside the storeroom.
The Playgroup and Youth Club were unable to use the premises because of the damage and an expert had to be called to take away samples and analyse sections of the roof to check for asbestos. The Youth Club Management Committee have not yet received the results and so cannot enter the storeroom to clean up the mess and the Scene of Crime Officers cannot complete their enquiries. It is recommended that anyone who touched the roof or entered the storeroom through the roof should consult their doctor and be checked over in case they breathed in any dust particles. It is known that the culprits are teenagers from Chipperfield, and if you suspect that your child was involved it would be wise to arrange for them to see your GP.
On the same evening that the Youth Club was vandalised, the picnic benches at St. Paul’s School were uprooted from their chains and thrown into the pond in the wildlife garden.
If anyone has any information about the persons responsible for these acts of vandalism, please contact P.C. Bob Heley at Hemel Hempstead Police Station (01442 271012). Sue Reynolds
on behalf of The Youth Club Committee

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