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Your Garden In June

2nd of June 2004

As the flowers of the rhododendrons and azaleas fade, roses begin to look their best in June. Potentillas and irises, clematis, dianthus and brooms should also flower this month, together with a blaze of colour from the summer bedding plants which can now be planted with relative safety. It’s time to plant up the rest of the window boxes, hanging baskets and flower borders. Geraniums are good for dry sunny spots while busy lizzies and begonias are quite happy in slight shade. The last time we had a severe frost in June was a quarter of a century ago but keep a bit of garden fleece handy just in case! It’s much more likely to be hot and sunny so plants must be kept watered. June is a good time to sow turnips and carrots, brassicas, spinach beet, and salads such as lettuce and radish. Wallflowers and sweet williams should be sown this month too. Lawns need to be regularly cut and grass can be kept shorter now. It’s not too late to apply a feed to the grass and liquid feeding is an option. Lawns should be rarely watered even in dry weather; it is better to set the mower higher in a period of drought and let the grass stay dry. The water saved can then be used on the more precious plants in the garden.
June is the best time to plant out the outdoor tomato plants. Runner beans, sweet corn, marrows and courgettes can also be planted now. For runner beans, use 8ft bamboo canes either in rows or as wigwams. Keep on top of the hoeing to keep the weeds away and feed vegetables with something like fish blood and bone fertilizer. Roses and flower borders are best fed with Toprose fertilizer or Tomorite which of course must be used on tomatoes too. Keep the greenhouse humid and water tomatoes regularly to prevent the fruit getting Blossom End Rot. Healthy plants in the garden do get less pests and diseases, but it’s a good idea to spray roses every 2 or 3 weeks with Rose Clear to keep them looking good. Cut off the leaves of the bulbs once they have died down and dead-head flowers. Not all the garden refuse need go in the green wheelie bin because you can make your own compost. Hertfordshire County Council are subsidising compost bins which you can purchase in the garden centre for just £7.
This is the month when you can meet the experts at Gardeners World Live at the NEC Birmingham from June 16-20. Or you can visit Ashridge gardens on June 13, Serge Hill gardens, Bedmond, on June 20, and Waterdell, Croxley Green, on June 27. Further afield, there are literally dozens of gardens open to view in the villages of Bayford on June 27 and Datchworth on June 26 & 27. You should be able to get ideas galore by visiting some of these but don’t forget to take a camera or note book. Terry Simmonds

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I have too many boxes of toprose fertilizer can I use it on my runner beans and French beans please ?

April 26, 2016

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