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Spring Greens

2nd of June 2004

Five little lambs are now skipping around the garden. Beth, in spite of her enormous size and a lot of puffing, could only manage one although it is the biggest of the lot. Only hours after birth and they are bouncing about. A favourite game is to use mum’s back as a trampoline while she is trying in vain to get a peaceful sit down. Beth again refused to clean her newborn’s bottom and I had to do it the next day. She watched every move with absolute disdain and a look that said “if you think I am licking that off you’ve got another think coming”. The lamb has now been christened Manky Poo!
Although I enjoy all the seasons May is my favourite month, and not just because of my birthday. Everywhere looks so green and fresh, especially the beech leaves. Beech leaves and Bluebells, what a great combination, and how well the Bluebells are doing. Even I can smell the scent as I walk down to the vegetable garden past a large patch on the ridge under the trees.
It’s been a good year for spring flowers, with only the Wood Anemones and Lady Smock disappointing. They both produced lots of buds but, just as they were about to open they were delicately nipped off. The Muntjac got the blame at first; they did not leave me one single flower. I’m really not too fond of these foreign invaders, they escaped from Woburn Park in the 1920s, and they do a lot of damage to trees and shrubs and are especially fond of ready-to-open buds. I may have got the wrong culprit though, as early yesterday morning I saw a beautiful Roe Deer buck in the garden. The Roe are our native deer, larger than Muntjac, and twice as beautiful. The big question is will I still love them after they have been in the garden for a year or so? How much nibbling can I stand for a few glimpses of such a beautiful and graceful creature? We will see! Wendy Bathurst

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