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New Youth Worker

2nd of June 2004

We are delighted to welcome our new Youth Worker, Jenny Newman, who started work in the parish on 26 April. Jenny will be working with St Paul’s Church, Chipperfield, and Holy Cross, Sarratt. She will also be spending one day a week at St Andrew’s Church in Chorleywood. Already she has spent time with Lyndon Evans and Christine Buck, respective head teachers of St Paul’s and Sarratt Church of England school.
Jenny Newman comes from a background of teaching, and has already spent a year working part-time at St Andrew’s, Chorleywood. She has moved into the village and plans to focus her attention on years 5 and 6; however, her main emphasis will be with the teenagers in both villages.
The cost of this venture is, as you can imagine, quite a commitment on the churches involved and we continue to look for increased support from the community so that we can honour our commitment of a 2 year initial placement. If you would like to be involved in this please contact either of the churchwardens or our church treasurer: Ann Waine 01923 268904, John King 01923 264552, Janet Cornell 01923 262468.

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