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Callipers Hall

2nd of May 2004

Was Henry Seymour Moss-Blundell the next owner of Callipers Hall after Robert Broughton?

1921 Mr. & Mrs. Moss-Blundell held a garden fete at Callipers Hall, to raise funds for repairs and improvements of the Church Institute (Village Hall).

1920s Annual Horticultural Society shows were held in the park at Callipers Hall,just beyond the lodge. There was bowling for a pig and dancing to a band as well.

1929 Moss-Blundells gave a piano to the Church Institute (Village Hall).

Annually Mr. Moss-Blundell drove his carriage directly in front of the Manor House gates, to establish that the frontage was commonland and not the property of Samuel Blackwell, Lord of the Manor.

1955-60 By this time, Mrs. Moss-Blundell had died and Miss Elizabeth Moss-Blundell was running the estate. Her brother, Dick, had converted to Catholicsm and become a monk, so he was not involved in the estate management. Through lack of funds, the house maintenance was poor and Callipers Hall had become damp and dilapidated. The top floor had been redundant for years.Somewhere around this date, Waterhouses, the local Chipperfield builders,were contracted to do the necessary repair work on the house. Terry Timberlake’s father, Harry, who retired in1968, was foreman when the house was reduced from three to two storeys and had a flat roof constructed to reduce costs.

1965 Miss Moss-Blundell sold the house to Peter and Susan West but she retained Callipers Hall Farm. In 1962-63 Waterhouses had built a bungalow for her, in the orchard opposite the farm. These properties are approached from Quickmoor Lane and not Callipers Hall drive.

c. 1977 Jack Minashi and his wife Susan bought Callipers Hall and the farm.

c. 1982 Orthopaedic Consultant, Graham Hart bought Callipers Hall only.

1983 Dinah and Roger Johnson bought Callipers Hall Farm.

1995 Callipers Hall was bought by Paul and Judy Olney. A pitched roof was constructed to replace most of the flat roof and the kitchen was altered.

2002 The gardens, which have been extensively improved, were opened to the public to raise funds for the Red Cross.

1911-2003 Over a hundred years, Callipers Hall has undergone many changes and if given photographs of then and now, it would be difficult to match them. However, they share in common attractive facades set in beautiful gardens. Mary Nobbs

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Martyn Oliver

I remember staying at Callipers Hall as a child, as Evie Wilson (my mother Barbara’s sister and therefor my Aunt) has stated my Grandmother was the housekeeper come companion for Miss Elizabeth Moss-Blundell, who was always known as Aunt Betty. I was 6 or 7 years old when Betty and my nan moved into the Canadian style bungalow and my memories of that time are a lot clearer. I remember Miss Moss-Blundell very well though, she was a very kind and caring woman who had a great love of nature. she would take my sister and I for long walks through Chipperfield Common and instilled in us a similar passion that we both still have today. She also banned the local Fox Hunt from her land which put her at odds with some of the locals. They had numerous cats between them and there was always an injured animal being tended somewhere within the house or grounds, I can even remember a wild Tawney Owl being a rather unwilling patient. She would also take us regularly to the church on the Common, close to the Two Brewers pub, as she regularly went there to help with the cleaning. Unfortunately our visits ceased in 1969, not long after my 11th birthday, as my parents separated and my sister and I remained with our father, who, whilst he had great regard for Miss Moss-Blundell, he had very little for our Grandmother. So not so much memories of the house but more of the lovely lady who once owned it.

September 5, 2018
Evie wilson

My mum (Dorathy Wilson) worked for Elizabeth Moss-Blundell as her housekeeper. I also lived on the estate with my partner and two daughters who loved to keep with the chickens. if anyone has memories or photo from the late 70s would love to hear them.

July 3, 2015
joanna foster

I have just traced my great great grandfather to be Robert John Porcher Broughton a solicitor who died in 1911 at Callipers Hall. If anybody has any further information please do contact me at joannacfoster @ btinternet . com

November 25, 2010

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