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Work In The Woods

2nd of March 2004

Last month (February) saw the contractors in the woods, working in compartments 5 and 6, behind the cricket pavilion. A number of old and diseased trees close to the main footpaths and pavilion have been removed, younger trees have been thinned to favour native broadleaved species and quantities of holly, sycamore and brambles have been removed. The increased light levels to the woodland floor will encourage the growth of smaller plants and provide areas for the natural regeneration of tree species.
The brash resulting from the tree works has been chipped and added to the surface of footpaths and a number of felled trees left on the woodland floor to provide habitats for fungi, insects and small animals.
Sadly, it seems that the magnificent ‘veteran sweet chestnut in the centre of the woods is dying following the drought last year. It has been fenced off to protect it from damage and increase its slim chance of survival.

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