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2nd of March 2004

Last October was the 75th anniversary of the invention of the iron lung. John Prestwich, a Chipperfield resident for 32 years, was approached by the producers of BBC World Service and BBC News Online and subsequently interviewed by both. Happily for them (but not for John), at the time of the interviews he was in St. Thomass Hospital, London and in an iron lung as he had a chest infection. The BBC World Service interview has been broadcast, but the BBC News Online interview, with photos, can still be seen (for those ‘online – and interested!) on
The response he received from both ‘broadcasts was quite amazing. He received many emails and letters, not only from friends and contacts from the past, but also from complete strangers from all over the world.
This year is the 50th anniversary of the introduction (in the USA) of the polio vaccine. Those of you who know John will know that the vaccine wasnt introduced in the UK until the year after he contracted polio in 1955. John has again been interviewed – this time for BBC Radio 4s Archive Hour programme. His contribution is due to be included in the programme being broadcast at 8pm on Saturday 6 March. John, being John, has quite often been heard to remark that hes always good for ‘half a column on a slow news day! Maggie Prestwich

“The Narrows” horse track created by the Jasmine Safety Track Trust has been officially dedicated as a bridleway. This is a considerable achievement as very few new bridleways are being adopted. The Trust has always been concerned what would happen to this track as it is privately owned and could disappear if the County Council ever decide to widen the dangerous narrow road. As it is now an official bridleway, the County Council are obliged to provide a similar track alongside a widened road.

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