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Chipperfield News Agm – December 2003

2nd of February 2004

The Chairman welcomed various new committee members to their first AGM and also Geoff Bryant, who was Manager of Chipperfield News in its first ten years of production.

The joint editors appealed for more in-put of local news from individuals and organisations. They would happily increase the size of the publication for one or two issues each year, if local residents could supply additional news-worthy articles. Jeff Beck, as the new advertising manager, said that he had settled in to the job in the last six months, and was pleased to report that currently there was a surplus of demand for advertising space by local businesses.
The distribution manager stated that roughly 1,300 copies were circulated each month. Popsi Stokes wished to record her thanks and that of the committee to all those who assisted with the monthly distribution.

The accounts were distributed to the meeting by Graham McMellin. These showed a small profit of £276 for the year compared to a loss of £588 in the previous year. The printing costs had recently increased for the first time in five years and therefore we would need to review the charge out rates for advertising, which Jeff Beck agreed to review. Tony Briselden and the joint editors, Liz Holliday and Anne Breen, had reviewed the current computer equipment which is now over four years old. It was agreed that more modern and reliable hardware/software should be purchased at a total cost of £3,000, and this would be installed early in the New Year.

The committee then went on to discuss the Parish Councils proposal to introduce the Village Web Site in 2004 and unanimously agreed to support the scheme.
Richard A.Edwards

His Honour Sir William Stabb, Q.C. (1913-2003)
An extract from a tribute given by Sir Richard Nichols at the funeral service held on 30 December 2003.
William Stabb was a man of very considerable charm, high intelligence, unselfishness and brilliant achievement, but with a total lack of conceit. Admired by all for his approachability, his lack of pomposity, his genuine desire to help others, his humour, kindliness and what I suppose must now be described as old-fashioned good manners. William was related to the Blackwell family of Chipperfield and was involved with many activities in the village – the Cricket Club, Chipperfield Care, the Youth Club, the School, the Village Clubs, Probus and the Church. He was not only amongst the most regular attenders at St Pauls but a trustee and a faithful and generous supporter of the various activities designed to raise funds for alterations and additions to the church.

He had an enviable reputation as an after-dinner speaker and I heard him many times in the City. He was the first to say that “An after dinner speech – to be immortal – need not be everlasting”. He had a wonderful sense of humour which broke through every conversation. It was Chamford, I think, who said “The most completely lost of days is one in which we have not laughed”. There will not have been many days in Williams life which were lost in that way.

In expressing our thanks for his life and the examples he and Dorothy set us, and offering our sympathy to his four daughters and their families who did so much to look after him following Dorothys death, I leave them with the words which have always meant much to me and I hope will mean much to you: Not how did he die, but how did he live Not what did he gain, but what did he give These are the units to measure the worth Of this man as a man regardless of birth.

Not what was his station, but had he a heart How did he play his God-given part Was he at hand with a word of good cheer To bring back a smile or banish a fear. Not what was his church or what was his creed But had he befriended those really in need Not how did the formal obituary run But how many grieved when his lifes work was done.

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