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Bonfire Smoke

2nd of February 2004

A reader writes: It is ironic that while in a public place we can generally avoid inhaling harmful tobacco smoke yet, while occupying our own properties, we are regularly invaded by similarly unpleasant and potentially carcinogenic bonfire smoke. Bonfires lit during the daytime are particularly aggravating. The smoke prevents us from enjoying our own gardens and laundry has to be re-washed. The smoke even enters the house. We leave our double glazed house windows closed all the time now, but to no avail.

Apart from the nuisance and their contribution to global warming, bonfires are harmful, particularly for neighbours with heart and chest problems such as asthma. Cardboard boxes used to help start a fire may seem innocuous, but if coated with plastic produce cyanide when burned. Bonfires arent necessary either. We have been provided with large green waste bins, there is a dump nearby for bulky material or we can easily make our own compost.
Please consider the stress, harm to health and bad feeling you provoke when you next feel tempted to light a fire on your boundary. (Name and address supplied)

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