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The W.e.a. – A Way Of Learning

19th of July 2003

One hundred years ago Albert Mansbridge (1876-1952) founded the Workers’ Educational Association. The WEA was the result of his attempts to involve the University Extension Service with the Co-operative and Trade Union Movements to provide education for adults once their formal education had ceased. Some 132,000 students now follow classes organised by more than 600 Branches. The Kings Langley Branch is probably the one nearest to you.

Courses will start in September and so perhaps now is the time to start thinking beyond the summer. There are also social events for all members, including theatre trips and cultural visits with coach transport . Full details of the courses and leaflets on how to join them will be available from WEA displays in the libraries at Bovingdon, Kings Langley, Abbots Langley and Hemel Hempstead in August or early September. In case you miss those, you could put your name on the “interested list” with Mrs Anne Hoar, 60 Gravel Hill Terrace, Boxmoor, HP1 1RJ (tel 01442 253403), or with Mr Joe Graham on 01923 265426 so that you can receive advance information.

There are course fees which are used to secure the services of recognised and approachable experts to lead the classes. Concessions are available to unemployed people and those retired and over 60.

The Workers’ Educational Association is the major national voluntary adult education organisation in Britain. It is recognised and financially supported by central and local government. The WEA is a registered charity and non-party political. The name may sound a little quaint after nearly 100 years use, but it is unlikely to change and the initials WEA are known all over the world. Mike Quinton
Chairman, Kings Langley WEA

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