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Poppy Appeal

2nd of February 2003

My wistful report in the November issue about falling below our past record produced no less than £45 (plus Gift Aid certificates) from people who had missed this year’s collections and were apparently concerned about my reputation. Many thanks indeed! We are now well ahead and hope to remain so!
I was delighted to learn that the Chipperfield Branch of the Royal British Legion has been awarded the Blackley Poppy Cup for the previous year. The Cup is given annually to whichever small branch in Hertfordshire has increased its usual contribution to the Appeal by the greatest amount. In our case this was the extra £1200 we raised through our War and Peace evening on 11 November 2001. I am to receive the Award at the County AGM on 19 January and shall do so on behalf of the many people who helped us to plan and execute that event. A very special thanks to you all!
Anne Wyburd Honorary Appeal Organiser

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