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Jasmine Safety Track Trust

2nd of October 2002

The Trust was founded in 1994 when a much loved pony was killed on the Bucks Hill Road and is dedicated to buying or renting tracks of land for safe off-road riding. The tracks are funded by local businesses, borough councils, livery stables and individual riders and all funds raised go directly towards the purchase, rent, fencing and maintenance of the tracks. The Trust managed to collect the £700 required for the annual rent of the Great Westwood Track and would like to thank all those who contributed. It is a large amount to raise each year and makes us extremely grateful to the landowners at Whitedell Farm and Newhouse Farm who allow us to ride their land at their discretion.

As you may have seen from our notices, part of the Moonshine Farm Track has to be re-routed or we are in danger of losing it. Mr. Allen and Mr. and Mrs. Weil have kindly given us the option of a new route, which includes getting horses off the road at a dangerous bend in Bragmans Lane. The new track depends entirely on getting enough funds to pay for fencing and landscaping and the quotation for the work required is £2,350. Although we have some funds in the bank, most of the money for this project still needs to be raised and the Trust relies on donations from all riders who use the tracks. If anyone has any ideas for fund-raising and would like to help, I should be only too pleased to hear from them. Tina Robinson (01923 267519)

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