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From Peter Hart

19th of September 2002

Dear Friends,,
I have been privileged to witness a number of exciting events in Chipperfield over the last two months. I have seen and taken part in the development of CHIP CHOPS – a camping and outdoor pursuits club for young people from 8 to 12. Thanks to Simon Wood for the idea and for much of the hard work. At the Flower Festival there was a real feeling of people working together to bring praise and glory to God, as well as raising nearly £2700 for the Organ Fund. As a totally non-musical person I really enjoyed the excellent concert on the Saturday. I have also watched and taken part in the wonderful Holiday Club, On Fire, with over 80 children every morning for a week and an enthusiastic atmosphere. Two or three memories recall something of the flavour of each event: ‘Someone cant get out of the pothole. Children doing a relay-race in over-large boots. ‘AaaaMEN at the end of the prayers. Sally trying to instill a winning streak into her team, without too much success!! Children from St Pauls giving up a Saturday and Sunday afternoon to dance round the maypole. Lesley Baker hoping the children would all turn up. Me trying to lead the Morris Men to the car park without dancing all the way out of step! So much to enjoy in so many ways! So what next?? At the beginning of October we join with the rest of the Deanery in a Mission Weekend (see Calendar for details), with a special Holiday Club on Saturday 5 October, a special Toddler Praise on the Thursday, a special Harvest Lunch on the Sunday and the big event – an Evening Special at Sarratt Village Hall at 7.30 pm. These events are all about proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus to the whole of our community and should allow everyone to think about the Christian faith. You are all welcome to any event and I hope you will have some very happy memories of them.
As in much of village life, there are the occasional special moments and also regular events. Please look at the Calendar for September and see where you can join in. I have one request, where I would welcome your help: I am aware that because I do not live in Chipperfield, I do not always pick up on people who are ill or in hospital. I would be grateful if I could be included in the village drum or tom-tom system.
Yours in the name of Christ, Peter Hart

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