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The Village Chest

2nd of September 2002

At the Annual Parish Meeting in April 2001 it was unanimously agreed that funds in the Village Chest should be transferred to the Dacorum Community Trust to be administered by them for the benefit of the village.

Unfortunately, this has not been a simple process. The Parish Council passed a formal motion to effect the transfer and completed the appropriate Charity Commission transfer forms. However, the Commission then advised us that it was not up to the Parish Council to give notice of the proposed transfer, but the task of the Village Chest trustees. As they had resigned and wished to retain anonymity, the Charity Commission agreed that the Parish Council could nominate three people to be appointed as trustees of the Village Chest with the purpose of effecting the transfer. The new trustees, Tony Briselden, John Nichols and David Nobbs met on August 7 and duly passed a resolution to transfer all the Village Chest funds to the Dacorum Community Trust. A notice to this effect was posted on the Notice Board at Brits News. Once the Charity Commission confirm that they approve of the transfer, the Village Chest can be wound up and the funds made available to assist those in need in the village. In the meantime, the Dacorum Community Trust can provide help in suitable cases from its existing funds to groups and individuals in Chipperfield.

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