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Law And Order

2nd of September 2002

Statistics tell us that Chipperfield has one of the lowest crime rates in Dacorum but this does not make the recent spate of acts of theft and vandalism in the village any more palatable. There are vandals in our midst, some from our community and some from outside, who are prepared amongst other things to damage public amenities, let animals out of paddocks and torch cars.

The Parish Council has expressed its concern about the situation to the police, who are working hard with limited manpower resources to deal with the situation. They tell us, quite rightly, that they alone cannot remedy the situation and that the whole community needs to be involved in working with them to deal with the problem. One thing in particular is frustrating the police in their efforts. In a number of cases, where they have a good idea who the vandals, thieves and troublemakers are, they need evidence to proceed further in bringing them to justice. They know that often village residents have that evidence. Sometimes residents have actually seen an offence take place, but will not agree to make a formal statement about it, as they do not want to be involved. At other times residents do not bother to report the crime in the mistaken belief that the authorities are not interested. The police need us all to be prepared to come forward to help them help our community in the fight against crime.
Another way to help is to join or to help set up a Neighbourhood Watch Group. They do work. Over the last year or so there have been over 30 cases in Dacorum where a Neighbourhood Watch member has passed information to the police, which has resulted in the arrest of a suspect. There are ten Neighbourhood Watch Groups in the Village, but there are a number of areas of the village without them, including Tower Hill, Scatterdells Lane and Langley Road. If you would like to know more about what is involved in starting a group and the benefits it brings, please ring the Dacorum Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator, Phil Anslow on 01442-271020.
And please remember if you see an offence being committed at any time, do not hesitate to dial 999. If you have any concerns or suspicions, then Michelle Buttleman, our local community police officer, can be contacted on her mobile on 0773 622 5273.

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