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Chipperfield Corinthians Football Club Centenary Ball

2nd of September 2002

Congratulations to all those involved in putting on such a wonderful evening. It was a credit to all concerned – to get over 300 people together at one event takes some doing. Many of those present had played for the club at some time during the past 50 years and some had travelled over 100 miles to attend. Some of us found it difficult to recognise those players of yesteryear, with hair now silver, waists rather fuller and legs which could only manage a trot! But when it came to the dancing, those rock and rollers still had a spring in their feet.

I think we can all be proud of our football club and its achievements over the years and prouder still of those who organised such a superb evening. Without them, none of it could have happened and it was a pleasure to be part of it. Well done to all those ladies and gents.

However, one thing marred this special event. When everyone had gone home, hooligans got into the marquee sometime between 2am and 7am, overturned tables and smashed glasses, causing damage which cost the club money they could ill afford. Shame on those involved. They dont deserve a football club. If you know who they are, why not name them and shame them? We dont need these people!
Terry Timberlake

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