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The Jubilee Tea In The Parish Room On 4 June

2nd of July 2002

Over a hundred residents came to the Parish Room for a Jubilee Tea on Tuesday 4 June and at one time we ran out of seats! There was a wonderful atmosphere and everyone thoroughly enjoyed Rosemary Venners selection of popular songs and tunes. So many people made the afternoon possible, generously donating cakes, helping prepare the room, buttering scones, slicing cake, making and pouring endless cups of tea and washing up. We should like to thank you all for your support and help.

Valerie Briselden and Liz Holliday
We must convey our sincere delight at being able to attend the Jubilee Tea held in the Parish Room. It was a wonderful idea, which must have involved a good deal of hard work in the organisation and preparation of the afternoon. To meet people and converse, whilst listening to pianist Rosemary Venner, gave us time to catch up, renew old acquaintances and even learn a few things about the village and families.
Although we have been in the village for forty years now, we had no idea of some of the family connections or inter-family relationships within the village. People we have spoken to since the tea all seemed to have enjoyed the experience and thought what a lovely idea it was. May we therefore express our sincere thanks to all those involved in the organisation of the afternoon. You need a good pat on the back!
Margaret and Tony Rance

Many thanks to Valerie Briselden and Liz Holliday for putting together the Jubilee Tea for the over 50s on 4 June. It was a lovely idea and so enjoyed by all who came along. Many of us wore red, white and blue, Rosemary Venner played all the old favourites and friends and neighbours all got together and filled the Parish Room to enjoy delicious tea, scones and cakes. Many thanks are also due to all the helpers too. Whilst this was a delightful Jubilee occasion for the over 50s, and the Jubilee Concert on Saturday 1 June was a rousing and wonderful event, we cant help feeling that Chipperfiled missed a great opportunity to do a proper community celebration like so many other villages. Even our village decorations were spasmodic, with our own Two Brewers – at the centre of the village – showing not one single flag. Are we alone in feeling that weve been a bit feeble?

Guy and Sarah Whalley

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