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Peap For Chipperfield?

19th of June 2002

Residents at the Annual Parish Meeting last month voted to support the Parish Council to prepare a Parish Environmental Action Plan (PEAP) for Chipperfield. Such a plan provides a unique opportunity for everyone living in the parish, young and old, to identify local natural places that are important to them and to come together to take part in improvements, conservation and preservation for the future.

Once the areas have been identified, a long term plan of action can be prepared which will involve carrying out a series of environmental projects to enhance and conserve the natural heritage of the parish.

The Parish Council is already committed to maintaining and improving the footpaths through the village, but other projects could include the restoration of our ponds and conservation of pond life, a survey of trees, plants, birds and animals in the parish and improvements to our woodlands and waysides.

A member of staff from the Countryside Management Service will be available to give advice and support and to suggest sources for funding.

If you would like to take part by joining a steering group, helping to collect information and opinions from residents or sharing your knowledge of local wildlife and habitats, I should be very pleased to hear from you.

Liz Holliday (tel: 01923 267483) Chairman, Footpaths and Open Spaces

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