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Decision On Village Chest

2nd of May 2001

At the Annual Parish Meeting held on 9 April residents voted unanimously to support the proposal made by the Parish Council that the funds in the Village Chest should in future be administered by Dacorum Voluntary Trust.
The Dacorum Voluntary Trust is a registered charity and was the first major community trust to be set up in the UK. Based in Hemel Hempstead, it has a board of respected local Trustees and the Administrator, Margaret Kingston, lives in Chipperfield. Larger grants are made quarterly but The Trust can also respond more quickly, providing individual small grants to meet immediate needs. Application for grants can be made by organisations and by individuals, who may apply personally or application may be made on their behalf by a doctor, social worker, member of their church, relative or friend.
The Village Chest will be known in future as the Chipperfield Community Fund and will only be available to residents of Chipperfield. Information about the total number of grants given, and their value, will be published regularly in Chipperfield News. The Dacorum Voluntary Trust publishes an annual report which gives details of all the organisations which receive grants and the number of grants made to individuals. The Parish Council and the Trust will be meeting shortly to work out the details of its administration (for example, the maximum amount of any one grant) and their decisions will be published in Chipperfield News.

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