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2nd of April 2001

The 13th Annual General Meeting was held on 7th March with about 40 volunteers present. In her report to the meeting, the retiring organiser, Muriel Samworth, highlighted the many and varied services provided by the volunteers. She said that the basis of the service is that if one or more of the volunteers is prepared to respond to a particular request it will be met. Since the birth of Chipperfield Care in the late-eighties, Muriel Samworth has been the organiser and is now handing over to Lady Shelagh Nichols. The Chairman, Donald Main, made a presentation to Muriel on behalf of all the volunteers. He said that ‘when it comes to helping people, nothing has been too much for Muriel to undertake and that ‘by her attitude, willingness and energy to help others she had been a guiding light and inspiration, causing Chipperfield Care to grow into a very worthwhile voluntary organisation.

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