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March 1999

1st Chipperfield Brownie Pack

19th of March 1999

In September, we welcomed Chloe Bourne, Grace Tydeman, Chloe Brown and Amy Martin. During September/October, 3 members of the Civil Aid kindly ran a six week first aid course and I am happy to say that all 25 members of the Pack passed their badge with flying colours. In October, 5 of our girls and […]

Wartime Evacuees In Chipperfield

2nd of March 1999

Daisy Hart came in 1941 with her 5 year old son George to stay with her sister in Kings Langley in order to escape the bombing in Essex. She and George then mobed to Chipperfield where, at a crowded meeting of evacuees at the home of Miss Brooks in Megg Lane, Daisy volunteered to take […]

Unexpected Visitors

2nd of March 1999

I got up from bed the other morning just after daybreak, put on my dressing gown, went into the kitchen and, as I usually do, while waiting for the kettle to boil, looked through my kitchen window at my garden beyond. I should explain that almost at the end of the garden is a wooden […]

Recent News About John Prestwich!

2nd of March 1999

For more than 43 years, since contracting polio in America on his 17th birthday, John Prestwich has been totally paralysed below his chin and entirely dependent on a ventilator to keep him alive. As if that wasnt enough, he has also been unable to move himself independently from A to B – without help he […]

Is There An Orchard On Your Doorstep?

2nd of March 1999

In the last 30 years, Hertfordshire has lost about two thirds of its old orchards and local varieties of fruit. The Hertfordshire Orchard Initiative is currently conducting a survey of orchards, both past and present, within the county, seeking to establish how many are still in existence. If you know of an orchard, whether it […]

School Of Dancing

2nd of March 1999

For seven years the Chipperfield School of Dancing has held classes at the Baptist Church Hall in Chipperfield. Girls from all areas gather twice a week to work hard towards their dancing examinations and show work, and up until now we have been a very happy school. Unfortunately, with the change of management, there have […]

Dacorum Community Trust

2nd of March 1999

A local charity for local needs The Dacorum Community Trust is celebrating 24 years of quietly helping people in need in the Borough of Dacorum. Using money raised locally, this Charitable Trust has helped resolve many difficulties. Its work has often to be confidential as it helps individuals as well as organisations. Its funds have […]

Winter Garden Surprises

2nd of March 1999

I should never doubt our sons good eyesight, but I was rather surprised when he said he had just seen a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker on the peanuts, as they are not nearly as common as their cousins, the Great Spotted. We have seen the odd one or two in the garden over the years, but […]

Work On The Common

2nd of March 1999

Many older Chipperfield residents can remember the days when a good deal of Chipperfield Common was heathland. Unfortunately with the cessation of grazing and wartime neglect, virtually all of this heathland has been lost. However, remnants remain and already the Countryside Management Service can report good success in its attempts to help the heather to […]

Organic Food In Chipperfield

2nd of March 1999

From the Chipperfield LarderThe demand for organic food is increasing and it is now clear that there is a need for a source in Chipperfield. Several of our customers have expressed a wish for organic food locally, and a selection can now be obtained at the Chipperfield Larder, where an area has been devoted exclusively […]