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2nd of February 1999

This issue of Chipperfield News will be dropping through your letterbox just after the Societys AGM.
One of the items on the agenda will be that of membership fees. We have been charging £1 per person per year since Methuselah was a lad in short trousers and your committee will be recommending an increase this year to help cover our ever-escalating costs. However, you can be sure that whatever the final decision is, your membership will still be excellent value for money. It entitles you to generous discounts at several local garden centres and nurseries and free admission to our shows. So look out for our intrepid collectors who will be doing the rounds later on in the month. It also provides the opportunity to purchase horticultural supplies at bargain prices at our Saturday morning shop, which is situated behind the Village Hall. The shop will be re-opening on Saturday 6 March and, although we have a regular band of enthusiastic helpers, we would welcome some extra support. The work is not particularly arduous and it only takes a couple of hours on a Saturday morning. Most of our volunteers cover about six Saturdays a year and any offers of help would be welcome. Please give me a ring on 01923 268852 if you feel you might be interested.
Incidentally, if our collectors call when you are out, dont forget that it is also possible to renew your membership at the shop as well.
Our first show of the season will be taking place in the Village Hall on Saturday 27 March. This is always a colourful affair and signals a cheery farewell to all those cold dark wintry days with all the daffodils and other Spring flowers. Do come and see the display – better still, whey not join us in exhibiting? Dont worry if you cant tell your trumpet from your perianth, just pick a selection of your best daffs and come along where youll find plenty of people willing to help you sort them out.
John Hopkins

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