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2nd of February 1999

Oh how difficult to review a pantomime! All those corny old jokes! Boom! Boom! Chipperfield Theatre Group didnt do themselves a favour when they decided to present David Swans (up-dated) version of Cinderella. The cast and production team deserved a much better script. Having said that, they certainly gave it their all.
Congratulations to Maria Strong for choreographing dances to fit on to the Village Hall postage-stamp sized stage, no mean feat (feet?!) and to the dancers who performed with such zest and such smiles. Katherine Iles in particular danced with every fibre of her being with great panache. Pianist Pat Baxter and percussion player Adrienne Ansell kept the whole thing going with aplomb.
Buttons has a difficult job, often speaking directly to the audience to get them to take part in the action. Once he got going, David Smith rose to the occasion and after the interval had all the children in the front of the audience enthusiastically involved. One young man almost climbed on the stage, he was so carried away! A criticism though – I do wish Buttons costume had been smarter and had fitted better!
There were some lovely production details including the witches brooms with ‘L plates and headlights, the ugly sisters wonderful boots that matched their outrageous dresses and their amazing wigs, mascara and nail polish.
A special mention for Pongo the pig, played by Ross Compton. Not an enviable part – no words and you could only see his eyes as he was covered in pig outfit, including his nose! He seemed a little diffident at his first entrance but quickly gained confidence and performed an excellent chase gag with Trick and Treat.
It was obvious that all involved in the production, front and back stage, had put in a tremendous amount of hard work. A good script would have made all the difference.

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