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Is That Chipperfield Care?

19th of November 1998

This is Mrs Smith. I have to go to The Nap Surgery on Thursday for a two oclock appointment. Could somebody take me please?
You have just rung Chipperfield Care, maybe for the first time, and are perhaps feeling anxious. You have to get to the surgery. There is no bus; you cant walk; you dont know how long you will be
Fear not! Chipperfield Care has been dealing with such calls for ten years and be assured, a willing volunteer will see that you get to the doctor and home again. There is a small charge (fl .25 in the case of the local surgeries, no matter how long the wait). Payment is made to the driver but if this is a problem, just explain.
Not all requests are for local journeys. We have taken people to Luton, Amersham, Hatfield, Welwyn, St.Albans – even Croydon – and requests to be driven to London hospitals are not infrequent. No reasonable request is refused.
Our service is not confined to transport. Our willing band of sixty splendid Duty Officers and volunteers has tackled many kinds of jobs in the last ten years, from re-directing a greenhouse delivered to a very surprised old lady at the wrong address to dealing with a mother duck and her brood who had settled into a Chipperfield front garden.
More serious duties include relieving overstretched carers for a few hours; keeping an eye on elderly friends who live alone and ringing them regularly; providing meals for the sick; acting in emergencies – we are probably better equipped to act immediately than the statutory services; befriending the lonely and the sick.
We opened our doors on 1 March 1988 and since then have received over 2,500 calls, many of them requiring many hours of service. We are a little older and some of us are not quite so active as we were but our enthusiasm and love for our fellow men remains as strong as ever.
Happy birthday Chipperfield Care and thank you to all those who work for her.
Muriel Samworth

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