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November 1998

Is That Chipperfield Care?

19th of November 1998

This is Mrs Smith. I have to go to The Nap Surgery on Thursday for a two oclock appointment. Could somebody take me please? You have just rung Chipperfield Care, maybe for the first time, and are perhaps feeling anxious. You have to get to the surgery. There is no bus; you cant walk; you […]

The Cost Of Vandalism

2nd of November 1998

What may have started as a little harmless fun has landed St Pauls Church with two large and very unwelcome bills. Two sections of otherwise reasonably sound churchyard wall have been damaged by vandalism. The repairs will cost in the region of£4000!The plan to re-build the worst sections of the wall, a focal point of […]

Chess Valley Bridle Ways Association

2nd of November 1998

This year is the Associations Silver Jubilee and we have been busy raising funds to finance our Jubilee project, which is the re-surfacing of the Jasmine Safety Track in Chipperfield known locally as “The Narrows”. I am pleased to be able to report that due to the generosity of local residents and companies (who have […]

Plea To St Pauls Parents

2nd of November 1998

Please permit people passing purposefully to proceed peacefully.In other words, if your child cant walk to school and be cared for by our two very reliable crossings ladies, please parents, drive and park with more consideration for others.With cars all over the place, often badly parked, and children being let out of their seats onto […]

Local Wedding

2nd of November 1998

On Saturday 29 August at St. Pauls Church, the marriage took place of Jane Soanes, daughter of Ann and Tony Soanes of West View, Bucks Hill and Steven Rickett, son of Margaret and Bob Rickett of Downer Drive, Sarratt.With Angela on holiday, the ceremony was taken by Tim Marshall of Bovingdon. Several members of Chipperfield […]