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Chipperfield Common – Woodland Management

19th of September 1998

Following the site visit to the next compartment of woodland scheduled for work this season, Cameron Lewis, the Woodlands Officer of Dacorums Environmental Services Department, writes:
“The meeting took place on the evening of 8 July when about 20 residents gathered to look at compartment 2 and discuss the proposed works.
“The compartment structure can be split into three broad categories: maturing oak/birch woodland; small groups of individual mature sycamore; an extensive area of young seedling trees of mixed species.
“The oak/birch woodland needs little work other than a very light thin and the removal of seedling sycamore. Mature sycamore shall be selectively felled and poisoned. The young seedling trees shall be thinned to favour native species such as birch, rowan and cherry. Finally, the number of cherry laurel should be reduced through coppicing.
“Other work planned for the area is to upgrade the permissive bridleway to improve the surface and to make the access to Dunny Lane safer.
“I found our joint visit most helpful and informative and suggest that a pre-works visit becomes a routine part of the woodland management programme.”

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