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2nd of September 1998

Am I alone in my concern about the latest trend in the neighbourhood of lighting bonfires during the day?
I appreciate that with the better weather its a great idea to tidy up the garden and burning garden rubbish is certainly more environmentally friendly than adding to the rubbish going into land fill sites. However, is it asking too much for a little consideration of others before lighting up?
Most of us like to take full advantage of the good weather to get the washing out to dry and let the children out to play in the garden. It is very frustrating if within half an hour the washing is smelling of bonfire smoke and the children are breathing in the fumes and have to be chased indoors to play.
I have no objection to the lighting of bonfires but do ask for a little courtesy to others. Before you light your bonfire please ask yourself if you have to do it now or can it wait until the evening?
L. Panayi

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