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2nd of May 1998

From May this year, we are pleased to welcome Tony Briselden as the new business manager of Chipperfield News.
Our thanks to RoIf Stammeijer. who is retiring from the position due to pressure of work, for undertaking the task for the past eighteen months.
Richard Edwards
Chairman, Chipperfield News

To achieve this we shall need to maintain our position on those features of the village which the judges regarded as being good:
• gardens, verges, the allotments, childrens play areas
• the tennis courts, the football ground, the school, the telephone boxes,
• the churchyard, the Baptist Chapel, shops and notice boards. and improve on those points which were marked down:
* litter around a number of community buildings
* flyposting
* weedy pavements and gutters
* untidy War Memorial hedge
The Parish Council, with the help of the school and village organisations who have agreed to support our entry, will be trying to keep an eye on problem areas but it is difficult to check everything. So, if you do see something in a public area that is spoiling the village environment, please let John Pringle, our Parish Clerk, know on 01442 822704. Alternatively, contact any of you Parish Councillors.

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