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Use It Or Lose It – If You Can Get Near It

19th of March 1998

Bollards; white keep clear lines. Whats next? I refer to the obstacles that have appeared on the roadside frontage of Chipperfield Post Office Stores since opening 18 months ago.
We were given no advance warning or even the courtesy of being informed that these obstructions would be appearing. We had a ramp built to the front of the property to provide better access for disabled customers between their cars and the Post Office and shop. This is of little use now.
Our customers have made various comments about not being able to just pop in, especially during the spring and summer months when the car park is overflowing. One customer asked if we were being victimised. There are a number of other places in the village that are far more hazardous than this particular stretch of road.
We fight for custom in the Sub Post Office and shop. Our aim is to serve the local community but we also rely on passing trade – especially the Post Office which struggles to keep open. The future of both the Post Office and the shop will be decided in the coming months. So many Sub Post Offices are closing through lack of support and use. The powers that be who make these decisions regarding the bollards and white lines are short sighted.
Will we be the next to close?
Jane Watson
on behalf of the Regan family

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We have lost our dog this morning if any one finds bud please ring 07831390033, thanks,
He is a black white and brown trail hound.

December 22, 2012

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