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May 1997

News From Ayr (australia, Not Scotland!)

19th of May 1997

It is no longer ‘News from Millaroo because I made the move to join Ian at our house in Ayr last October. It took us a bit of time to adjust to living together full-time, after about 18 months of seeing each other for just a day or two at weekends, but weve got used […]

Chipperfield Tennis Club

2nd of May 1997

The Annual General Meeting of Chipperfield Tennis Club will take place on Wednesday 7th May, starting at 7.30pm at the Village Hall. All existing and prospective members are invited, when our very keen Treasurer will be delighted to relieve us of our membership fees! The Committee are also considering resurfacing the original court at the […]

The Helpline

2nd of May 1997

by Neville ThomasIs that the AA?A smooth impersonal voice came through the air.If you require information concerning becoming a member of the AA say ‘yes now. Slight pause. Silence.If you require information concerning the facilities available to you as a member of the AA say ‘yes now.Another pause. Silence.If you require information regarding traffic conditions […]

Hmp The Mount

2nd of May 1997

If you would like to be a HACRO Volunteer, or just find out more about what goes on ‘Inside, come to our Open Meeting on Thursday 22 May from 6 to 8pm at the Officers Mess. (Therell be signs to guide you from the Chesham Road in Bovingdon).Youll meet the Governor and some of his […]