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Meeting Place For Young People

2nd of April 1997

Recently a small group of people from the village met to discuss issues relating to young people living in Chipperfield. As part of these discussions, ways in which additional facilities could be offered to these young people were explored. One idea was to create an informal evening meeting place for teenagers. It was
decided, with their help, to trial this idea, initially on the basis of one or two evenings a week. Therefore help is being sought in two areas. Firstly, interested persons will be required to run the project, including one or two co-ordinators (who will ensure that the meeting place is available, open and set up on the evening) as well as additional helpers, perhaps on a rota basis. Secondly, the views of the young people in the village are being sought. Is an informal meeting place of interest to young people, and what would they like to see provided (or not provided)?
It is possible that this initiative could make a real improvement for the residents of Chipperfield. If you are an adult, would you be interested in helping to co-ordinate this project, or help out with the rota? Interest would particularly (but by no means exclusively!) be welcome from adults in their 20s.
Equally important, if you are a teenager, do you have views regarding the format such a meeting place should take? Would you or your friends be interested in helping to get it off the ground?
In either case, please contact Bob Wiggins on 01923 244545.

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