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Stay Warm And Save Money

2nd of February 1997

Are you cold at home? Are you worried about the next fuel bill? Do you want to be more energy efficient? Here are five ways to save energy and save money.
1. Shut the curtains at dusk. This will ensure that the heat stays inside your home to heat you and not the outside. Do not hang them over the radiators as this will prevent the heat from going into the room. Either line the curtains or hang up an old pair behind them to increase their thickness. This will help to stop heat escaping.
2. Make sure your hot water tank is well insulated. You can buy a tank jacket from most DIY shops for about £l0-f15. You will recover the cost in reduced fuel bills in about a year. The recommended thickness of the jacket is at least 50 mm (approx. 2 inches).
3. Set your hot water tank thermostat to 60°C. Any higher than this and you are wasting energy and money. It should not be set lower than 55°C for health reasons.
4. Invest in a low energy light bulb and install it where you usually have the light on for the longest time in your home. You will recover the cost in lower electricity bills in less than a year.
5. If you receive benefits you may be eligible for a Home Energy Efficiency Scheme Grant. Make sure you take advantage of it. There is no catch. You pay nothing and can receive free loft insulation, draughtproofing, a hot water tank jacket and energy advice. Ring 0800 181 667 (Freephone) for further information.
* This information is supplied by Dacorum Borough Council. For more details, call the council and ask for Sandy Carter.
The scheme mentioned in paragraph 5 may not apply to you – but do you know someone who could benefit from it? Please pass on the information and help them to keep warm this winter.

Mrs Chris Ward, headmistress of St Paul’s C of E Primary School in Chipperfield for 13 years has announced that she is to retire at the end of the summer term.
In a letter to parents Mrs Ward said: “The school is well thought of locally as well as in educational circles and it is in a strong position with high pupil numbers and a successful inspection under its belt. This firm foundation now means that the school can only continue to move forward and I am certain that this is the best time for a change of leadership.”

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