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Electoral Review Of Ward Boundaries

2nd of February 1997

The Local Government Commission for England has started one of its periodic reviews of electoral arrangements within Dacorum Borough Council.
One of its main tasks set by Parliament is to check that there is equal
representation across the different wards and to make changes to correct any imbalances.
At present Chipperfield is an electoral ward of its own returning one District Councillor, currently John Nichols. However, the size of our local electorate, 1,373, gives us a member: electorate ratio more than 20% below the average in Dacorum, which is 1,780.
This is outside the normal limit for the Commission and there will almost certainly be pressure for our ward to be combined with one of the neighbouring wards in either Bovingdon or King’s Langley.
Dacorum Borough Council are preparing draft proposals for consultation, before submitting a revised warding scheme to the Commission. They have been advised that the reaction in Chipperfield will almost certainly be one of wishing to make a special case to retain our individuality and not to merge our District Council representation with that of one of our larger neighbours.
The Parish Council wishes to represent your opinions as closely as possible, so if you do have views one way or the other about this, please let John Pringle, our Parish Clerk, or one of your Parish Councillors know. David Nobbs

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